Lucky Coin Mine – Sun Valley, ID

The Lucky Coin gold mine is located outside of Sun Valley down Independence Gulch. The mine is accessible in the winter when snow conditions are low because the southerly slope, although steep, will be minimally covered. I made it to the mine gate but the skin track ended and I didn’t bring snow shoes to make it further into the mine site. Although there is a gate there were weren’t any “no trespassing” signs.

The old mining road is visible as well as an electrical box and some sort of underground piping. The trail up to the mine is very beautiful and offers great views of the Dollar and Bald Mountain ski areas. It also appears to be a somewhat used backcountry ski area.



To access this mine, you will have to reach Independence Gulch via the Elkhorn neighborhood in Sun Valley. The road is plowed up to the last house and then you’ll need to walk about 1 mile until the gate.

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