Homestake Mine – Lead, South Dakota

The Homestake Mine is located in Lead, South Dakota. The entire area of Lead and Deadwood was developed due to the mine in 1876. The mine operated until 2002. Lead was the mining town and Deadwood is where the miners went for entertainment. It’s still filled with bars and casinos. The gold mine, known as the Open Cut, is in the center of Lead. It’s an amazingly huge hole in the ground. The Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center is located on the edge of the mine. It provides a great view into the pit and contains tons of artifacts and information about the mine.

Gold Run Park is at the base of the hill that contains the mills that were used to process the output from the mine. There is still a conveyor running from the mine to the mill. The park has been turned into an interpretative trail that contains artifacts and tons of information about the town and mine.

On the east side of the mine is a trail that heads up past the dog park and contains more information about the mine. There is a headframe and a great view of the mill. In addition, there are numerous other mine sites found in the hills. They are all fenced.


Lead, SD is located just south of highway I-90 in the Black Hills. You will be surrounded by mining info and sites as soon as you enter town.

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