Mccoy Gold Mine – Hailey, ID

The Mccoy Gold mine is located west of Hailey in Croy Canyon and down Rock Creek. It’s located on the hillside near a popular bouldering destination. The mining scars are visible from Rock Creek Road. This was accessible in the winter but will likely require snow shoes to access. We were treated to a symphony of coyotes on our way up to the mine. I didn’t quite walk up to the tailing piles but will next summer.



This mine is located down Croy Creek west of Hailey. You’ll need to turn left on Rock Creek Road and park at the turn out just after the winter maintenance ends. I was able to access this in my Subaru. From there, walk west towards the hills. In the summer, this is a road. You’ll eventually reach an Access Yes sign that is the trailhead for the mining road. Walk up the road towards the hills and you’ll spot the tailing piles.

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Mccoy Gold Mine

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