Lee Gulch Prospect – Bellevue, ID

The Lee Gulch Prospect is located inside Lee Gulch just out of Bellevue. The mine consists of a couple of tailing piles as well as some old mine artifacts. We found both metal and wood pieces near the larger, lower tailing pile. There are some cool cacti growing on the lower tailing pile. It’s not very common to see cacti around here.


You can access this mine by parking on Townsend Gulch road near the entrance of Lee Gulch Road. You can’t park within Lee Gulch and there are lot’s of no trespassing signs so you’ll have to stay on the road until you reach BLM land. Access the mine by walking about a mile down Lee Gulch and look for the tailing pile up to your right. There is a road that goes up to the mine.

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Lee Gulch Prospect

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