Star Mine – Hailey, ID

Mine Entrance

Star Mine is located in Star Gulch outside of Hailey. It’s somewhat accessible in winter. I took a long hike from Colorado Gulch Road over to Star Mine. You’ll pass the Colorado Gulch Leach Plant on the way to this mine. There are visible tailing piles and a lot of mining roads in this mine. This mine will likely be a better one to check out in the summer.


This mine is accessible via Colorado Gulch Road. You need to park at the turn out at the base of the road in the winter since it isn’t plowed. You then need to hike up and over into Colorado Gulch. Next, you’ll have to follow the old mining road over to Star Gulch. The avalanche conditions had me a little worried so I stayed to the southern slope which had far less snow. It was a considerable amount of bush whacking to get up there. It’s a hard 2.5 miles in the winter over to Star Gulch from the start.

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