Mackay Mine Hill – Mackay, ID

Mackay Mine Hill is a historic tour that you can take of all the mines west of the town of Mackay. The town was developed in the early 1900s and many mines can be found west of town. The tour provides numerous numbered destinations with signs including information about each of the destinations. There were four mines featured as well as homesites, smelters and a large tram system for bringing ore down from the mountain.

The tour starts at the base of the hill with the anchor trestle for the tram system. You’ll find green signs along the road way leading you to different locations.

Moving up the White Knob site. Several buildings are still standing the Cossack Tunnel entrance is visible but closed.

Driving further up the hill, you’ll find the Horseshoe Mine and Taylor Family Home and Sawmill Site. There are many buildings still intact with various artifacts like shoes and metal pieces still within the homes.

Next, I drove over to the Anderson Family Home Site. This build was renovated to look like how it did in the early 1900s. There are some artifacts present within the home.

Finally, at the top of the hill, you’ll find the White Knob Historic Structure and townsite. This structure is visible from far below. It’s quite impressive. The mine shaft is visible but covered. You have an amazing view of the Lost River Range from this location.


You can easily access this from the town of Mackay. There are many signs leading up to this site. To reach the White Knob Historic Structure, you will need a high clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicle. You can also hike up to it.

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