Hornsilver Mine – Era, ID

The Hornsilver mine is a large, open pit silver and gold mine in the Arco desert. There are two large pits, a runoff pond and an old building from the original mine. The area appears very polluted with heavy metals and there are numerous signs posted warning to not drink or go in the water. It’s an easy hike from the road up to the pit. It smelled like sulphur.

You drive past the (apparently still used) Arco Blizzard Mountain ski area. The chair lift has seen better days. It’s very much located in the middle of no where.


This mine is located north of Craters of the Moon. Off highway 93, you’ll turn on Blizzard Mountain road and then left on Champagne Creek Road. It’s about 10 miles off the highway. I was able to drive the entire road in my Subaru Legacy without any clearance issues. The mine isn’t visible until the last turn but you’ll know when you see it. There is actually a parking area near the base of the mine.

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Hornsilver Mine

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