Little Hilman Prospect – Hailey, ID

This small prospect is located out Croy Creek west of Hailey. The tailing piles are visible from the road and accessible via Democrat Gulch. Due to the southernly aspect and limited snow, the mine was accessible in the winter. It was actively snowing when I went and had to use snow shoes through the field and up to the mine.

There were three tailing piles with collapsed mine entrances at each. There were some wood and metal artifacts laying about.


You can reach this mine by driving west out of Hailey down Croy Creek. Park at the entrance to Democrat Gulch. The road is closed in the winter. Hike down Democrat until you pass the property boundary and head right along the fence. You’ll see the tailing piles and mining road on the mountain face in front of you.

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Little Hilman Prospect

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