Eureka Mine – Hailey, ID

Exposed mine shaft! Use extreme caution!

The Eureka Mine is located in Bullion Gulch outside of Hailey. The mine has many collapsed structures and one standing building. The mine also has an exposed mine shaft. I dropped a rock into the shaft and never heard it hit the bottom. Use extreme caution when visiting this mine. There are large tailing piles on either side of the road. There are lot’s of artifacts scattered around the area.


This mine is located outside of Hailey down Croy Creek. You will turn right on Bullion Gulch road and park at the plowed turn out in the winter. Follow Bullion Gulch for 3 miles after the turn out and the road will go right through the mine site.

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Eureka Mine

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  1. Brian says:

    Adam, I’m a BLM geologist for the Shoshone Field Office–I’m responsible for a lot of these sites. I was wondering if you would get in contact with me (I couldn’t find your contact information anywhere)–I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. G says:

      what do you do with all these mines?

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