Arizona Group Mine – Hailey, ID

This was my second attempt to get to the Arizona Group Mine. I was a little better prepared with a plan and some snow shoes this time. I reached the mine by traveling up the valley rather than taking the mining road to avoid avalanche danger. There is a lot of trash near this mine. An old busted up trailer and many blue barrels labelled corrosive can be found along the way. I made my way back up to the mining road and into the mine site. There is a collapsed mine opening on the way and some very large tailing piles. I’ll likely visit again in the summer.


This mine is located down Bullion Gulch off Croy Creek Road. You can access this mine by parking at the plowed turn out in the winter and walking about 2 miles to the mine site. You will need snow shoes and should understand the avalanche terrain.

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Arizona Group Mine

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